Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time off: time off

Time off: time off: "I start my 6 day time off tomorrow, whoo hoo. Nothing stressful to write about here. I will however be enjoying my 6 days off from work. ..."

time off

I start my 6 day time off tomorrow, whoo hoo.  Nothing stressful to write about here.  I will however be enjoying my 6 days off from work.  What a wonderful concept time off is.  When you want "you" time and family time without the worry of losing your job or income that's precious in these days and times.  Thanks to the bad economy, everyone seems to be penny pinching these days.  You never know when you will be one of the thousands of unlucky people who will go without a job tomorrow.  So far, I've been lucky to have kept a job.  I wish something exciting would happen to me and then I have something to really write about on here.  But only if the exciting thing is a good thing.  :) 

In about 2 weeks, the general manager of the golf course where I work will be leaving us for another and perhaps better job in Florida.  I truly wish him the best at whatever he attempts in the future.  Congrats and good luck to Mike. 

  This was the 180 night!
Pretty soon the winter bowling leagues start up and I will and my teammates will attempt to conquer over all obstacles, hurdle the hard times and try to come out the other end smelling like a rose or some kind of flowery scent.  : D  We call ourselves the "The Challenged" and so we are.  Two bowlers have bad knees and have arthritis, another didn't bowl for years and had to reacclaimate and for me, I just don't bowl well.  I have my moments though.  One night I actually bowled a 180 in one game!!  That was an awesome night for me.  I was hoping for a 200 but I'll take a 180 anyday.  The second year that we were a team, we actually came in first place overall.  That was surprising to even our own team!  I'll give kudos to us for hanging in there and coming out winners.

This morning the golf course had it's first Sunday brunch buffet.  It went well and I thank my boss, Eunice for it and my coworkers.  We are a great team when we want to be, haha. ;)  Customers also said that they enjoyed themselves. 

Well, as you all can see I don't live a very exciting life.  It's very routine, I make Charlie Brown look like an action hero. lol.